Orange Sharks and Elder Harrassment

Mother’s Day. We had such a nice time!!! We visited our friends.

While there, Deep Thinker sat happily at the edge of their pool, kicking his feet in the water. Then they brought out the mega-power water guns. We all got squirted big-time.

Deep Thinker and his friend were squirting forever at this other water toy at the bottom of the pool. My son explained to me that they were “taking out the bad guy.” He added that the bad guy “is an orange shark that eats fences.” You tell me.

All this time, Rowdy Rebel was harrassing my friend’s elderly father, who is almost 80, throwing him the ball over and over and over, giving him cars way too many toy cars to hold onto, and so on. I am sure my friend’s father enjoyed that a lot.

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