Go Ahead, Bite The Cars

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we got together with our friends Alex and Lila. They have a baby named Misha. My six and three year old’s LOVE Misha. He’s 8 months old, and a really sweet little boy.

Rowdy Rebel (age 3) was showing Misha all of his toy cars. He was really excited about it until Misha wanted to hold a car too. Then Misha started biting the cars, and my rowdy little toddler could barely stand it, “Mommy, Misha is GWABBING and BITING my CARS. Make him STOP!

Then Lila came over and tried to get Misha to stop biting on the cars. She was worried that he could choke on the wheels.

Fortunately, Deep Thinker (age 6) jumped in to save the day. He yelled, “Don’t worry! It’s okay for Misha to bite the cars. He doesn’t have any TEETH!”

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