Rowdy Rebel Gets All Quiet (HU?)

What a great day!

Rowdy Rebel has been screaming a lot at night because I put a stop to the climbing in bed with mom and dad really late. He rolls around so much it’s impossible to sleep! This new program is NOT making him happy. But I don’t care. He’s sleeping in his bed–all night. He’s three. He can handle it.

Every night I’ve reminded him that it’s bad to scream loudly at night, and our neighbors might get upset. So, of course, last night he goes up and starts crying as usual I went upstairs, walked into his room and said, “ROWDY REBEL, it’s time to SLEEP.”

And he said, “Okay.”

Then he added, “Mommy, did you hear me? I cried quiet, not loud.” My sweet little man. He must have made a decision not to scream…just like I asked him to.

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