Pushy Toddler Knows The Ropes

We went to T-ball practice for Deep Thinker last night. They got their team shirts! The shirts are RED, Rowdy Rebel’s favorite color. He begged me to get one for hi, so I tried. But the team Mom said we can’t buy another until all team members have their shirts. That’s important. I get it.

Rowdy Rebel doesn’t get it. He kept asking me over and over if we could buy a shirt. Finally, I said, “Listen! I already asked her. She said no. We can’t buy one!”

His response: “Well just be sneaky and get one!” (He said these exact words.)

I told him that we can’t just take one because the team Mom would be very upset if we did that.

His response: “Well then go to the coach!” (Exact words.)

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