Poor Caterpillar

There are caterpillars all over the place. They’re hanging out of trees, crawling all over the ground, and sometimes blowing in the wind here! It’s awful! It’s so hard to get Rowdy Rebel in the front door, because he loves to stand and stare at the caterpillars screaming “WOOK, a piwar! WOOK anuder piwar!!!!” (LOOK, […]

My Kindergartner “Falled in Love”

Well, my little kindergartner proclaimed last night that he “falled in love.” As I was tucking him in, he told me he had a secret. The secret was that he “falled in love” with a girl named Abby from his class. As he explained, this is a “major secret,” because Abby would “totally freak out” […]

Pet Snails…Great

Deep Thinker’s kindergarten class is learning about snails. The teacher asked us to bring garden snails in if we had any to spare. So the boys and I went searching. We found some, collected them, and put them in plastic containers (with holes) to bring to school the next day. Rowdy Rebel really, really wanted […]

Toddler Cracks Huge LCD TV Screen

Does this TV screen look large? I ask because it’s about 5 feet wide. Rowdy Rebel beat our TV monitor with our telephone. Isn’t it nice how he made that “little” knick? Our phone doesn’t work well anymore either! Fortunately, we can get the TV fixed. The phone…not so sure.

Don’t Touch My Dude

In the morning, Rowdy Rebel’s hair sticks up. So, I have to wet it down to make him look groomed. It’s really cute. When it’s wet, it sticks up in spikes. Rowdy Rebel refers to this hairstyle as his “dude.” So, I wet his hair yesterday. Then it was wet, but still matted and yucky […]

Big Brother is NOT a Dragon

We were talking about a show with dragons and heroes. Rowdy Rebel said that he is a dragon and then acted like one, blowing out pretend fire and stuff like that. My husband asked, “Is Daddy a dragon?” Rowdy Rebel said yes. Then we asked, “Is Mommy a dragon?” He repeated yes. Next we asked, […]

Conversation With My Two-Year Old

I had a conversation with my two-year old (blog nickname Rowdy Rebel) the other day about his favorite things. It seemed wise to give him choices to help him answer…to help the two-year old stay tuned in. I think you can learn a lot about his personality based on his responses: Me: What is your […]