Poor Caterpillar

There are caterpillars all over the place. They’re hanging out of trees, crawling all over the ground, and sometimes blowing in the wind here! It’s awful!

It’s so hard to get Rowdy Rebel in the front door, because he loves to stand and stare at the caterpillars screaming “WOOK, a piwar! WOOK anuder piwar!!!!” (LOOK, a pillar! LOOK, another pillar!)

So, I was calling him to come on in, and then I hear a loud STOMP in his direction. I said, “Rowdy Rebel…What are you doing?”

He said, “I stomp pillar on face!!! He bwoken (broken)!!!” Of course, his eyes are all bright and full of excitement as he yells this.

See why his blog nickname is Rowdy Rebel?

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