My Son Is Cool (Well, Not Exactly)

I think all kids love copying phrases they hear adults say. My older son is no exception. He tries really hard and loves it when his friends laugh or think he sounds cool.

Yesterday I was asking about his new school. He’s been going a week and a half, but I guess I’ll ask these questions as long as he keeps answering–“Who did you talk to? Who did you sit with? Who did you play with? Did you tell any funny jokes?”

At first he likes talking about school, but then he starts getting bored and sends obvious signals. So when I asked if he liked the stuff they did in class, he said “I forgot.” This is a pretty clear sign that he’s ready to stop talking about school and do something funner.

I thought I’d try once more, just to get a little more info on how his day went. So I said, “Well, try really hard to remember. Did you like the stuff you did today? Did you understand everything?”

He said, “Mom, I got three words for ya: I forgot.”

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