Rowdy Rebel “Want Break Eggs” Follow-up

People, it wasn’t enough to splatter eggs all over my living room. The next day, my husband was using his computer in the kitchen (which is basically part of the living room). Rowdy Rebel was playing right behind him.

My husband noticed an odd silence and turned to check on Rowdy. He had taken the egg cart out of the refrigerator and was cradling an egg in his hand, holding it over his shoulder ready to do a little up and over type toss. My husband leaped over, grabbed the egg, and went through the whole “Rowdy Rebel, it’s VERY BAD to break eggs” thing again.

After this, we all went shopping together and then to the park. Rowdy pouted the whole day. He kept bowing his head, wrinkling up his eyebrows and mumbling with his mouth almost closed, “Rowdy Rebel want break eggs. Rowdy Rebel want break EGGS.”

Uh, I guess watching Mom clean up all those eggs didn’t affect Rowdy’s conscience they way I thought it would. Apparently disciplinary action was needed. So, after being forced to clean up a roomful of broken eggs on carpet, I still managed to make parental errors in the way that I handle the aftermath. WOW. I have a feeling this is not over yet.

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