Parachuting Possums

The other night, Deep Thinker and I were reading about gliding possums. (As many of you know, children’s books have some yucky topics–bugs that kill frogs, possums that fly, I’m serious, it gets crude, but the cruder it is, the more my boys seem to love it…). So, the book explained how the wings aren’t […]

Poor Snail

We went for a walk this evening. Our sprinkler comes on at about 6:30pm, and snails come out. We have HUGE snails with shells about the size of a nickel or even bigger. Very round and very gross. I am always nervous while I fumble with the door as I lock it, because I am […]

Good Aim

Just an update fhere. We went to this community festival with friends last Sunday. Rowdy Rebel’s diaper overflowed, so we had to go all the way home to change it. I had packed the diaper bag, but left it at home by accident. While I was gone, Deep Thinker and his friend tried the dunking […]