Rowdy Rebel Describes His Friend

Rowdy Rebel is apparently an angel at pre-school. Isn’t that ironic?

But of course, his best friend is the “wild kid” who is not only wild, but seems quite mean. Rowdy Rebel and this child LOVE each other. They want playdates together, they share snacks, they throw sand at each other…

I’m encouraging Rowdy Rebel to have a larger group of friends. Last week, I paid close attention to the children in his class who were playing nicely, quietly, and respectfully. I was trying to figure out their names to then encourage Rowdy Rebel to try playing with them more often.

I asked, “Who was the boy in the blue shirt with Lightning McQueen? (Lightning McQueen is the red car from the movie “Cars”–and Rowdy Rebel’s HERO.) Rowdy Rebel answered, “Maybe that was Chris.”

I followed up, “Yes, this was probably Chris. Let’s double check. What does Chris look like?”

Rowdy Rebel answered, “Well…He has a nose…eyes…and hair.”

I burst out laughing. For a second Rowdy Rebel looked puzzled. Then it must have clicked, and he said “OOOOOOhhhhh, everybody does, right Mommy?”

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