Oldest Son Kind of Disobeyed the Teacher

Today, my first grader (oldest child) told me that during PE, he and his friends were playing “chop chop.” This is a game when the kids give each other karate chops. My son explained that one of the playground supervisors told him to stop doing it, or he would have to walk laps around the playground rather than play.

A few hours later after lunch, they started playing again. My son explained, “I looked for that playground supervisor, and she wasn’t there. So, I played chop chop. If another teacher didn’t like it, I knew she would just give me a warning. If one of them warned me, I would stop. But no one did, so I played chop chop.” Of course his eyes were opened widely as he explained this.

This was soooo “him.” Rules are so important to him.

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