“Assidents” Happen

Rowdy Rebel is really good for his naps now. (Sure, now that he’s almost too old for them.) He just lays down and stays in bed until he goes to sleep. But for some reason last Saturday, he reverted back to the terrible two’s when he screamed non-stop at the top of his lungs for a very long time before falling asleep.

Other than that, he was really good on Saturday. Played nicely, no fighting (well, not really dangerous fighting), no scary stunts, just really calm and sweet.

So, in the evening, we were telling hid daddy how good Rowdy Rebel had acted all day. I said, “He was sooo good today. Oh, except at naptime. Then he was screaming really loudly…”

Rowdy Rebel looked at his daddy and explained, “Oh yeah. That was a assident.”

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