I Pile My Clothes Like You Do, Mom

Rowdy Rebel has been so sassy lately!

Yesterday a good friend gave us two bags of clothes her son outgrew. Rowdy Rebel is only 4 (almost) so thinks second-hand clothing is COOL since it was worn by BIG boys before he got it.

SO, Rowdy had a fun time pulling ALL of the clothes out of the 2 huge bags, surveying all of the superhero logos, colors, and so on. I went into his room and said, “Man, this is messy. We need to put these clothes back in the bags until I organize the clothes in your drawers.”

Rowdy Rebel made big, buggy eyes at me and said, “MOM, I’m just putting them in a pile like YOU DO.” (He was referring to the pile of clean laundry that gets dumped into my floor each week and which I haven’t had time to fold for one month.) Thanks Rowdy, I see what you mean.

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