No More Babies Or We Can’t Visit China

Deep Thinker has been really interested in China since one of his classmates and her parents did a Chinese New Year party for the class last year. I also am very interested, and we are dreaming of going there someday and learning Mandarin over a summer. Anyway, my husband and I are now planning to […]

Pushy Toddler Knows The Ropes

We went to T-ball practice for Deep Thinker last night. They got their team shirts! The shirts are RED, Rowdy Rebel’s favorite color. He begged me to get one for hi, so I tried. But the team Mom said we can’t buy another until all team members have their shirts. That’s important. I get it. […]

Rowdy Rebel Gets All Quiet (HU?)

What a great day! Rowdy Rebel has been screaming a lot at night because I put a stop to the climbing in bed with mom and dad really late. He rolls around so much it’s impossible to sleep! This new program is NOT making him happy. But I don’t care. He’s sleeping in his bed–all […]

Go Ahead, Bite The Cars

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we got together with our friends Alex and Lila. They have a baby named Misha. My six and three year old’s LOVE Misha. He’s 8 months old, and a really sweet little boy. Rowdy Rebel (age 3) was showing Misha all of his toy cars. He was really excited about it […]

Leg Hair

A while back, Deep Thinker was taking a bath and noticed he had leg hair. He was SO excited and said “Mommy, Mommy, I have leg hair! I can’t WAIT to tell Daddy about this!” Today we were walking to school, and he was explaining that he now has more leg hair (which is not […]

My Kid’s Got My Back…Or At Least He Tries

We wanted to invite Deep Thinker’s friend Tyler over to play. The problem is that there is a close friend named Johnny who is part of their little group. I decided not to invite him–it’s easier to first see how Deep Thinker and Tyler play together, then invite the third child next time. So, we […]

Rowdy Rebel Explains What’s Nice, What’s Not

Last Saturday my husband was really tired, and it was time for our three-year old to take a nap. So they took a nap together. The next day, Rowdy Rebel (the three-year old) explained to my husband: “Daddy, nember when you sleep at naptime with me?” And my husband said yes. Rowdy Rebel said, “Tha’ […]

How to Marry the Right Person: First Grader Advice

When I tucked in my six-year old last night, he said (out of nowhere), “Hey Mommy, I know how you can tell if the person you are marrying is nice.” Full of curiosity, I asked him how to tell. With his eyes opened really wide, he said, “You get to know em.” I said that’s […]

My First Grader and His Darn Rules!

My first grader (nickname Deep Thinker) always pays very close attention to the rules and almost never breaks them. Here is an example that illustrates his enthusiasm for rules gone overboard. He told me that he didn’t play with his friends at school last week because they played tag, but tag isn’t allowed. So I […]

Three-Year Old Grammarian Extraordinaire…Not Really

First, let me tell you that if there were any such thing as a cute pronunciation contest, my little Rowdy Rebel would win hands-down. He has the cutest pronunciations EVER. A few examples include: bafroon (bathroom) kajamas (pajamas) shpozhbob (Spongebob) shwawich (sandwich) I love listening to him express his thoughts–especially when he uses these words. […]