Hilarious Sign Taped to Mom’s Back

Today my kindergartner (Deep Thinker) came up and put his hand on my back as he whispered, “Hey Mommy, I have to tell you something.” Then he stepped back and said, “Oh, I forgot.” Later I was running around getting ready to go pick up Rowdy Rebel from pre-school. In my bedroom mirror, I noticed […]

Everyone Laughed at My Kindergartner:(

Wednesday, Deep Thinker and I were walking to pick up Rowdy Rebel from preschool. During these walks, the most interesting information comes up! So during this walk, I learned that Deep Thinker was really upset. His kindergarten class has a brief circle time when children can bring things to show their classmates. So, Deep Thinker […]

My Five-Year Old Promotes Floor Cleaner

This afternoon, I was cleaning the kitchen floor, and Deep Thinker tried to come in. I told him not too because I was cleaning, and it’s hard to clean the kitchen floor when people walk on it. So he said, “Mommy, I know what you can use that will be easy! Nice-all! Nice-all cleans everything! […]

Gotcha GOOD

Deep Thinker LOVES trying to tell funny jokes. His new catch phrase is “gotcha GOOD.” It is indeed amusing to hear this phrase used in the humor of a four-year old. This morning, Rowdy Rebel had a stinky diaper, and I changed it. Right after that, Deep Thinker said, “Mommy, I think Rowdy Rebel has […]