Hilarious Sign Taped to Mom’s Back

Today my kindergartner (Deep Thinker) came up and put his hand on my back as he whispered, “Hey Mommy, I have to tell you something.” Then he stepped back and said, “Oh, I forgot.”

Later I was running around getting ready to go pick up Rowdy Rebel from pre-school. In my bedroom mirror, I noticed a white square stuck to the back of my shirt.

I peeled it off and held it up to see what it was. On the front of the square, in Deep Thinker’s handwriting were the funny little words “Cic my.” See if you can make out what that says. Answer Key Below.

(Answer Key: This is kindergarten spelling for “Kick me.”) Isn’t that nice? See the photo of the actual sign.

One Response to “Hilarious Sign Taped to Mom’s Back”

  1. that is so sweet! i remember doing that as a child with my mother!