Everyone Laughed at My Kindergartner:(

Wednesday, Deep Thinker and I were walking to pick up Rowdy Rebel from preschool. During these walks, the most interesting information comes up!

So during this walk, I learned that Deep Thinker was really upset. His kindergarten class has a brief circle time when children can bring things to show their classmates. So, Deep Thinker brought his (and my) favorite sunglasses. They look so cute on him. So, he told me that he put them on, and everyone laughed at him!

We talked it over for several minutes, but he was still sad. I said, “Sweety, I am sure they laughed, because they liked your glasses! Not because they thought the glasses were funny. The glasses really look nice–no one would think they were funny.”

He said, “Mommy, that doesn’t cheer me up at all.” Poor thing.

(Update: I think he has forgotten about it now, because he wore the sunglasses again this morning:)

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