Six Year Old’s Observations on Pregnancy Effects

Deep Thinker is sooo excited about his baby brother (due date August 13). I like asking him theoretical questions sometimes because it’s fun to hear his take on things. So, I asked, “Will it be fun to have 3 boys, or is that too many?” He said FUN.

I continued, “Well, what about 4? Do you think that the new baby might feel lonely since he’ll be a lot younger than you and Rowdy Rebel?” Deep Thinker looked off into space and squinted his eyes in deep thought.

Then he said, “No, he won’t feel lonely. And 4 kids would be FUN. But it’ll cause you lots of stresses. See, this is why I love having these conversations with him. Dying of curiosity, I asked, “What kind of stresses?”

He responded, “Well, the crankiness and throw ups you have when the baby is in your belly.” Oh dear. Don’t hold back now, little sensitive man. Tell me what you really think. Guess I didn’t hide my 6 months of morning sickness as well as I thought I did;(

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