The Meaning of “Irate”

My son Deep Thinker was placed in a first grade class that has apparently been his teacher’s WORST NIGHTMARE! Poor teacher. I feel for her, having taught and knowing what it’s like to have a very difficult class.

Deep Thinker is Mr. Rules, so his biggest disappointment is that when a few students misbehave, everyone gets punished sometimes. That’s given us some good opportunities to talk together about life isn’t always fair. Then other times, we decide on something special he can have at home to make up for a hard time at school.

He comes home saying FUNNY things that clue me into how his teacher’s day went. Here’s an example from yesterday:

I asked, “How’d your day go?” He said fine.

Then he said, “I know what irate means. It means beyond angry.”

I had to chuckle quietly. And then asked him how he knew this. He said, “Oh, Ms. Blackwell was irate with the class today because no one would sit down during reading time.”

Fun times:) His last day of first grade is tomorrow. How can that be??????????

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