Stop the Sponge Bob Voices, Mom

Deep Thinker and I love watching SpongeBob and reading SpongeBob stories. So, last night before bed, we were reading one we bought at a school bookfair. I was trying to do a SpongeBob imitation (which sounded exactly like SpongeBob, and extremely funny, in my opinion).

After I read a few lines using the ‘SpongeBob voice,’ my son said, “Um, Mommy, can you please read in your normal voice?” But I was having fun, and thought he’d get into the story, so I kept imitating Spongbob anyway.

He asked me again, “Mom, please stop using voices!” This time, he was a little more insistent. I decided to play a little joke on him. I said, “I love reading in this SpongeBob voice! I sound just like him. Maybe I should read all of our stories using my SpongeBob voice!?” His little face darkened, his expression irritated and slightly anxious.

After a minute, he rolled his eyes dramatically and said, “Well, you just don’t sound like SpongeBob, Mom.” Goodness, didn’t realize one little voice could be so annoying!

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