Planting Toys

Baby Brother has been learning about seeds in pre-school. He’s already 4 years old. Today he asked, “Mom! What happens if you bury a toy. Will it grow?” 😀

Three Wishes

Rowdy Rebel asked, “Mom, if you could have three wishes, what would they be?” Before I could answer, he told me that his wishes would be 1) infinity of new wishes 2) lots of money and 3) all of the video games he ever wants no matter how old you have to be to get […]

Chapstick Story

Rowdy Rebel told me this story: “Mom, once my friend at school had a chapstick. Do you know what chapstick is? Okay, so he had one. Then I asked him if I could “borrow” it. But this is the funny part–actually I didn’t borrow it, because when he gave it to me, I ate the […]