Three-Year Old Grammarian Extraordinaire…Not Really

First, let me tell you that if there were any such thing as a cute pronunciation contest, my little Rowdy Rebel would win hands-down. He has the cutest pronunciations EVER. A few examples include:

bafroon (bathroom)
kajamas (pajamas)
shwawich (sandwich)

I love listening to him express his thoughts–especially when he uses these words.

His grammar is also…adorable. (I know, adorable is admittedly a strange way to describe a person’s grammar). Anyway, we were talking about his new teacher in pre-school a few days ago. Her name is Ms. Anna. So, I was asking, “Do you like your teacher?” He said “Yes!”

Then I asked, “Does she like you too?”

Rowdy Rebel answered, “Yes he do!”

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