First Grader’s Questions on God and the Sun

I love Deep Thinker’s questions about God. They are never ending. We are going to church finally, so hopefully he’ll start getting some answers. It’s so sweet that he keeps asking me new questions, despite that I am almost never able to answer any of the ones he’s asked so far…Here are some examples:

1) Question: “Mom, was God ever a kid?” (He means God as opposed to Jesus. He feels he understands stuff about Jesus, though he still wants to learn more.)

2) Question: “Mom, is there a Mrs. God?”

3) Actually, this is one of his answers–it’s about God and the sun. We were talking about the sun and how it’s just a bunch of burning gas and how it stays in the sky in a spherical shape. I asked, “I wonder why God made empty planets and suns in the sky?” My son responded without hesitating, “Because he wants people to go to space! If there were no planets, people wouldn’t go!”

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