Dirty-minded Three-Year Old???

Rowdy Rebel has a part-time nanny, Katia. They talk and play non-stop–literally from the time she comes to the time she goes home. He’s a lucky boy. Anyway, Katia has 2 daughters who are already a little older (and in school). So she brought over their old Barbie’s the other day. There were also Barbie motorcycles and Ken dolls. I was very interested to see how Rowdy Rebel would react.

First he played with the Ken doll and the motorcycle for a while. That didn’t surprise me.

Then, he picked up the “prettiest” Barbie in the bunch. The only one with super long hair and a really pretty dress. And I thought “oh, it’s true, boys do like dolls!”

Rowdy looked at the Barbie for a few seconds. Then he proceeded to slowly pull her skirt up and inspect the Barbie. Next, he pulled her blouse up and looked around carefully and noted that she has large zuzu’s (boobs).

Then he put the skirt and blouse back down and said, “She has really pretty hair.” I know this is normal at some point–any input welcome here–is this suppose to start at 3.5 years of age?!?

PS. I strongly recommend clicking on this doll to get a close-up–but brace yourself, she’s not very, uh, pretty.

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