Snowman With Super Boobs

Deep Thinker wrote the funniest story for school. The teacher lets them write anything they want, and usually he comes up with some pretty gross boy themes that seem to involve … sorry, but burping and things of this nature. (This is only during their free writing time–at other times they write about more standard topics.) This story didn’t contain any gross parts, but was funny nonetheless:

“Once upon a time I made a snowman. His powers were squirting milk from his zuzu’s [This is the word my boys use for “chest” or “breast”]. One day an angry chicken tried to get the snowman, he was too powerful to get him. Also, I taught the snowman kungfu to defeat his enemies.”

He also explained that his teacher asked “What is a zuzu?” I don’t think I want to know what that conversation sounded like.

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