Reincarnation: Same Sex Only

Deep Thinker is fascinated with religion and the afterlife. He constantly has questions about it (and has since age 4). He must have heard about reincarnation somewhere. He just came and said, “You know, maybe when you die, you are born again as another person. And you just live on earth forever.”

So I said, “What do you think? Do you think that’s true?”

He said “yeah” and nodded his head. I think if I’d asked questions about God, he would have delved right into them and probably changed his mind several times, but I didn’t have a chance because he had another thought.

He said, “Maybe when a baby is born, that baby was living in another family and died.”

And I said, “Could an old lady die and be born as a little boy?”

His answer: “No. She can’t just DIE and then become a BOY.”

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