Reincarnation: Same Sex Only

Deep Thinker is fascinated with religion and the afterlife. He constantly has questions about it (and has since age 4). He must have heard about reincarnation somewhere. He just came and said, “You know, maybe when you die, you are born again as another person. And you just live on earth forever.” So I said, […]

Snowman With Super Boobs

Deep Thinker wrote the funniest story for school. The teacher lets them write anything they want, and usually he comes up with some pretty gross boy themes that seem to involve … sorry, but burping and things of this nature. (This is only during their free writing time–at other times they write about more standard […]

Dirty-minded Three-Year Old???

Rowdy Rebel has a part-time nanny, Katia. They talk and play non-stop–literally from the time she comes to the time she goes home. He’s a lucky boy. Anyway, Katia has 2 daughters who are already a little older (and in school). So she brought over their old Barbie’s the other day. There were also Barbie […]