Rowdy Rebel Doesn’t “Wike Wacky Woni”

Yesterday I fixed fish, macaroni, and green beans for dinner. As usual, it was a challenge getting Rowdy Rebel to eat his food. I said, “My little man, you at least need to eat some macaroni.” He got really mad and wrinkled up his eyebrows and said really loudly, “MOMMY!!!! I don’t WIKE WACKY WONY!!!!” […]

Three-Year Old Grammarian Extraordinaire…Not Really

First, let me tell you that if there were any such thing as a cute pronunciation contest, my little Rowdy Rebel would win hands-down. He has the cutest pronunciations EVER. A few examples include: bafroon (bathroom) kajamas (pajamas) shpozhbob (Spongebob) shwawich (sandwich) I love listening to him express his thoughts–especially when he uses these words. […]

When a Toddler Says the Blessing

Tonight, Rowdy Rebel looked sooo cute as he said the blessing. His eyes were closed, he grinned the entire time, and instead of putting his hands together, his arms were spread out like he was ready to give the world a big hug…or a big speech. Here was his blessing: “God, thank you for my […]

Tha No Nice!

Rowdy Rebel is such a sweet little three-year old. But he does love playing rough, yelling loudly, not sharing, and other toddler behaviors. He’s not the nicest playmate in the world, but I don’t let him get away with it. Of course, I give him time-outs and explain why these things are bad. But we’re […]

Six-Year Old’s Thoughts on Nude Paintings

We visited the Getty Museum last weekend. My six-year old, “Deep Thinker,” had lots of questions about the paintings we were looking at. I didn’t even really stop to think that there might be nude paintings or that they might surprise him. Anyway, we were walking through the room with the still lifes and portraits. […]

Dinner Time Blessing

Tonight Rowdy Rebel wanted to say the blessing for us at dinner. Deep Thinker helped him by starting “Thank you God for…” I was so proud that Rowdy Rebel repeated and finished with “Thank you God for my French toast.” (Yes, we had French toast for dinner…oh well.) Then Deep Thinker says, “I have a […]

Rowdy Rebel Not Listen

When we moved back to Southern California, Rowdy Rebel’s nap and sleep schedule got out of sinc (AGAIN). So, I started laying down with him to get him asleep to avoid the screaming. The other day, he kept saying over and over, “MOMMY, I don’t WANT to sweep (sleep)! I don’t want to!” I was […]

Secrets about Preschool

I had the most interesting conversation with my three-year old. He was being typical Rowdy Rebel–sweet, honest, yet naughty all at the same time. He said “I want to go to school.” (He omits “doesn’t,” so he actually meant, “I don’t want to go to school.”) I asked why. He said, “Teacher said she going […]

My Son Is Cool (Well, Not Exactly)

I think all kids love copying phrases they hear adults say. My older son is no exception. He tries really hard and loves it when his friends laugh or think he sounds cool. Yesterday I was asking about his new school. He’s been going a week and a half, but I guess I’ll ask these […]

Poor Caterpillar

There are caterpillars all over the place. They’re hanging out of trees, crawling all over the ground, and sometimes blowing in the wind here! It’s awful! It’s so hard to get Rowdy Rebel in the front door, because he loves to stand and stare at the caterpillars screaming “WOOK, a piwar! WOOK anuder piwar!!!!” (LOOK, […]