Rowdy Rebel’s favorite question is “Whassat!” (What’s that?) He says it very, very excitedly. And over and over. When we read stories before bedtime, my job is to turn pages and remain quiet while yells over and over and over, “Whassat!? Whassat!? Whassat!?” This morning, I walked in and Denise (our part-time nanny) was reading […]

Power Rangers Kick Girls

Rowdy Rebel still loves the Power Rangers. He does lots of Power Ranger karate moves at the playground, which sometimes turns into fighting, and is a little embarrassing for me but also sometimes funny. He doesn’t get it. The other day he was trying to impress a little three-year old girl he likes to flirt […]

Stop the Sponge Bob Voices, Mom

Deep Thinker and I love watching SpongeBob and reading SpongeBob stories. So, last night before bed, we were reading one we bought at a school bookfair. I was trying to do a SpongeBob imitation (which sounded exactly like SpongeBob, and extremely funny, in my opinion). After I read a few lines using the ‘SpongeBob voice,’ […]

Oooooh Dear…Art All Over My Walls

Rowdy Rebel drew a beautiful crayon picture on the wall in the afternoon yesterdayl. I cleaned that off. Then somehow he got a hold of two markers. I noticed it was very quiet in his room, which peaked my interest (and fear). So, I went in, and there he was, drawing another picture for me […]

Homemade Curse Word

This story is slightly crude, but it has a funny and innocent element. Deep Thinker came in and told me he’d beaten up the Hulk in his video game. I said, “really?” and he said, “yes, I was Spiderman, and I did some web-slinging ass-kicking!” And I said, “Oh goodness, we can’t say words like […]

Poor Snail

We went for a walk this evening. Our sprinkler comes on at about 6:30pm, and snails come out. We have HUGE snails with shells about the size of a nickel or even bigger. Very round and very gross. I am always nervous while I fumble with the door as I lock it, because I am […]

Good Aim

Just an update fhere. We went to this community festival with friends last Sunday. Rowdy Rebel’s diaper overflowed, so we had to go all the way home to change it. I had packed the diaper bag, but left it at home by accident. While I was gone, Deep Thinker and his friend tried the dunking […]